OQ8 forms a key part of the Government of Oman’s overall vision for strong and sustainable economic growth. As a cornerstone of the new OQ8 Special Economic Zone it will play a critical role in transforming the area into a thriving hub for industry as well as contributing to the economic prosperity of the wider country. Given the importance of the project, we are dedicated to achieving total excellence in every area of the operation. ‘Fuelling prosperity, building legacies’ underpins everything we do at OQ8. We fully appreciate the critical role of the refinery and recognise our responsibility to deliver results, both in the short and long term. We have done due diligence and have every confidence that we will achieve this. The project is a shining example of the power of collaboration. We have consulted with our shareholders at every step, and put their respective expertise to good use in creating a refinery that can compete with any company in the world in terms of efficiency, output and capacity. Our vision for the future is clear, as is our mandate. We can go forward with great confidence that we will become a source of pride as an Omani facility that offers products and service on a par with the world’s best.