Youth Capacity Building

youth capacity

The youth capacity building initiatives that we support are intended to imbibe positive values amongst the youth and equip them with life skills such as, the capacity building initiatives. 

Oman has a young population with the majority under the age of 35 years. This fact is evidenced even more so in Duqm, where the total population is roughly 4500 and the youth are a majority. Young people of the region can take advantage of the economic changes taking place. It is our mandate to make sure that the youth have an equal opportunity to participate in development programs and take full advantage of the growth the area is currently witnessing. 

Research suggests that the youth feel they are empowered when they are engaged in programs that are of interest to them or are entrusted with tasks or are made to participate in projects that enhance positive life skills such as decision making, problem solving, and leadership skills


The programme helps develop these important skills that would promote the growth of the SME sector. Injaz Oman’s program called ‘Innovation Camp’- an intense entrepreneurship ...