Three simple characters represent a business, a special zone and a deep and lasting friendship between Oman and Kuwait.

The names and logos of two existing companies, OQ and Q8, dovetail perfectly to create a new brand for their equal joint venture, OQ8. Representing the project formerly known as Duqm Refinery, the logo’s two-tone colour scheme retains the shades of the two founding companies, the turquoise of OQ and the dark blue of Q8. The gentle transition between the letters represents the harmonious and cooperative relationship between the two companies, and their home countries.

That pair of colours tells a much greater story. Centuries before Oman and Kuwait embarked on the OQ8 project, the duo already shared a long history of maritime trade. From small, early sailing vessels, the two enjoyed their earliest cooperation, exchanging goods, and getting to know each other across the seas. 

As trust between the two grew, both were able to venture into deeper waters, to seek larger, more diverse markets. Today, as great ships prepare to sail forth from OQ8 in the emerging global energy hub of Duqm to carry products to markets around the world, they will begin their journey in the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea, eventually reach the deep blue of the Indian Ocean, as they head towards their ultimate destination.

OQ8’s colours also depict the blue sky, which is the only limit for this new business venture. Given the project’s massive scale, a basic yet broad brand was required with its potential for energy and for business. Like the vastness of the sea and the sky that it portrays, the OQ8 brand will soon be synonymous with innovation, quality, and limitless opportunity