Environment & Safety

the refinery

OQ8 has been designed from the outset in keeping with internationally recognised environmental standards and guidelines. Our vision is to create a facility that will benefit many generations to come, which is why it needs to be sustainable far into the future. To this end we undertake to utilise the resources at our disposal with all due care and respect for the environment we operate in.

The Facility has been designed in full compliance with Omani legislation, international design codes, and good engineering practices. Safety is always top of mind at OQ8. We recognise that our first responsibility is to ensure that safety protocols and procedures are always strictly adhered to in order to protect the health and welfare of our employees and the community at large.


"We adhere to the strictest standards of health and safety in everything we do, thereby ensuring the well-being of our fellow Omani citizens and all OQ8 employees. Safety drills are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities in the event of an emergency."

Please see below the Environment and Social Documents related to the OQ8 Project.

OQ8 Project Consolidated Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
OQ8 Project Cumulative Impact Assessment
OQ8 Project Grievance Procedure
OQ8 Project Stakeholder Engagement Plan
OQ8 Project Consolidated Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Appendices
OQ8 Project Consolidated ESIA Non-Technical Summary