The Refinery

The refinery

What we do

Occupying an allocated 900 hectares (over 2,000 acres) of land, with the capacity to refine 230,000 Bpsd. It will form the cornerstone of the Duqm Special Economic Zone, Oman’s next industrial center.

It is a grass roots refinery which aims to produce light/middle distillates at a high efficiency rate. It focuses on naphtha, jet fuel, diesel, and LPG as its primary products. The refinery comprises hydrocracking, hydro-treating and delayed coking units, along with sulphur recovery, hydrogen generation and merox treating units

Enviornment & Safety

OQ8 has been designed from the outset in keeping with internationally recognized environmental standards and guidelines. Our vision is to create a facility that will benefit many generations to come, which is why it needs to be sustainable far into the future. To this end we undertake to utilize the resources at our disposal with all due care and respect for the environment we operate in