The Science of a Refinery

the science of a refinery
The Science of a Refinery is a program developed by OQ8 in partnership with Engineering for Kids LLC – Oman branch.

This program aims:

  • To inspire children in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).
  • It is meant to bring about an interest for these subjects in a fun and inspiring way.
  • It complements and enriches the existing school curriculum.

As part of the activities, schoolchildren were introduced to chemistry, physics, and engineering. This was done through classroom-based experiments related to processes in refining.

The program ran in partnership with Directorate General of Education in Al Wusta Governorate and it lasted three days with a total of 24 interactive workshops delivered in six schools in Wilayat of Duqm. The program had an impact on 500+ students aged eight to fourteen enrolled in grades two to six in schools. Graduate Engineers and other employees at OQ8 volunteered their time in this initiative. They assisted in the live experiments. They also spoke to students on future career paths that they could choose at the refinery.

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